About Eshasoft - Makers of Windows Calendar and Planner Software for Over 15 Years

Who we are...

The folks at Eshasoft are an eclectic mix of electronic innovators who share a common goal: providing our clients with quality products that are useful to our clients' customers now, and continue to be so as the products change and grow with time. The Eshasoft group employs a method of individual thinking along with collective analysis to produce dynamic concepts. Nothing is left to chance, yet the results are fresh and innovative.

What we do...

At Eshasoft we pride ourselves on producing a unique family of products: "living software" we call it, since, just like any natural organism, it grows and matures the longer it's in use. Eshasoft has moved far beyond the stage of developing static software in the traditional sense - that is, once it's designed, built and released, it remains the same until it is replaced by an update or a complete upgrade. Our "open concept software" is constantly current; it allows itself to be modified to any degree - from the smallest tweak to the most major alteration - while it is still in use. This means that, as needs change, the software can change to meet those needs, and every program is as current as its last visit to the Internet.

Why we do it...

...because it's a better way to do things; ...and because it gives our Eshasoft clients an edge - the leading edge - that is required in a world that's changing at the speed of light.

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